Why the flamingo? 

For many longtime Austinites, the image of the flamingo has a place in our past and who we are as a unique city. From time to time we have seen homeowners and businesses alike adopt the flamingo as a part of their yards, business personalities and culture. with  the recent explosive growth, it is important to keep some of these reminders of what helped make Austin the city we all love. The flamingo is a simple reminder of where we came from. 

The change in our city from an at-large system to individual districts means many things. One of those is bringing the conversations back to the porches,neighbor to neighbor. Sometimes in this fast paced world, the image of that flamingo reminds us to slow down, talk to each other and find solutions together. 


This is an historic time in Austin.

Our city is moving forward with a new system of representation but we still have to remember our roots. We are neighbors, friends, creative, good sheppards of our environment working through issues that impact us all like transportation, affordability, our broken tax appraisal system and our out of control public utilities.


Growing Austin will take all of us, neighbors sharing ideas from our front porches to City Hall – together WE CAN.


I’ll bring the boots to City Hall and get things done, you bring back the birds


We have several flamingo flocks throughout West Austin with cute signs that say, "If you support Tina Cannon, take a bird!" #BringBacktheBirds


Click to see just one of our flamingo flocks!